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Discover Mauritius in a different way: off the beaten tracks with an eco-responsible approach.

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Seas explorer

Nou Kiltir

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Discover Moris

Mauritius, otherwise; all activities under the same roof.

Experience a wide range of activities proposed by Lokal Adventure and discover Mauritius differently. Lokal Adventure offers various sport tracks that match each participant’s physical abilities. Its main purpose is to stay off usual scenic routes and touristic clichés. Lokal Adventure will let you immerse in a unique, sporty, collective and cultural experience, giving way to an authentic discovery of Mauritius! Off the beaten tracks, you will be led to admire unusual, secret and breathtaking places.

Our Passion for Mauritius forms part of our DNA. We are happy to share the treasuresfrom this colourful and warm environment while respecting Mother Nature that keeps surprising us, again and again! We sincerely wish to make you discover our Little Paradise in an eco-responsible and respectful way!

Give a try to this extraordinary and incomparable lokal adventure!

A change of scenery you
are not about to forget!

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Driven by

our shared passions

A Duo Motivated by the same values.
Animated by the quest of what is essential and the desire to renew our daily lives, we have decided to come back to basics and embark on our “Lokal Adventure”. Lokal Adventure is the proper reflection of our shared passions and values. Lokal Adventure will get you going to the rhythm of the treasure that abounds our island.

Off the beaten tracks and numerous clichés, come and immerse yourself in a unique “Lokal” experience… out of the world!


Born in France, my first encounter with Mauritius dates back to over 10 years ago. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with its turquoise sea. My attachment was complete once I discovered its secret nature and inhabitants. I keep on exploring my beloved island, whether inland or at sea. I practice footing, trail running, hiking, biking, scuba diving, snorkelling and canoeing with a group of friends.

I embark on this “Lokal Adventure”, overwhelmed by the charm of this island which abounds in breathtaking landscapes, secret paths, and hidden rivers, calling for both contemplation and challenge.


Born in Mauritius, I am passionate about life! Passionate about my island, where I was born and bred, but also passionate about nature, challenge and discoveries! I am fond of each and everything, and sport is an integral part of my daily life. Indeed, I am always trying to surpass myself, and I generally enjoy testing any new adventure whatsoever.

I am embarking on this “Lokal Adventure” to share my knowledge with you, and to transmit with energy, my wonder for these paradisiacal landscapes.

These spicy tastes that emanate from my culture, the sweet perfumes that soothe, and the indolence of the Mauritian Creole… A whole range of emotions that animate me and that I wish to share with you, through the discovery of my marvelous island, Mother country of mine.

Nou amenn zot
dekouver nou tizil,
bote so lanatir
ek melanz so kiltir.

We take you to discover our island,
the beauty of nature and the mix of our culture.

Enn lavantir inik,
enn lexperians pozitif,
fizik ek kolektif.

A unique adventure, a positive experience,
physical and collective.


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