Disclaimer form

Activity: Via Ferrata

I acknowledge that it is essential that my/ the Minor’s participation in the activity should be governed by the terms and conditions below.

After considering the activities proposed by Lokal Adventure, its representatives, employees, administrators, members, sub-contractors and/or any other person or affiliated entity, I hereby accept and confirm that:

  1. I declare having been made aware of the independent relationship between Casela Limited (BRN No. C13119467) and Lokal Adventure Ltd, in relation to the activity I/ the Minor is participating in. I further understand and agree that that Casela Limited shall not be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for any incident which may happen during the activity;
  2. I understand that the activity contains some risks that cannot be eliminated without destroying the very element rendering this same activity so unique. I also understand that Lokal Adventure considers that it is important to warn me/ the Minor in advance of all risks pertaining to the activities;
  3. I acknowledge having been made aware of the level of difficulty pertaining to the tracks;
  4. I am fully aware of, and accept to take full responsibility of, the risks involved in the activities that I/ the Minor have/has decided to voluntarily participate in (A Minor shall remain under the Guardian’s responsibility during the course of the activity);
  5. I/ the Minor am/is not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  6. I/ the Minor am/is physically and mentally capable of participating safely and to the best of my knowledge, I / the Minor do/does not suffer from any health problem and/or handicap whatsoever, that may endanger my/ the Minor’s life;
  7. I/ the Minor have/has been informed that it is strictly forbidden to participate in the activity whilst pregnant;
  8. I understand that I shall be solely responsible for my/ the Minor’s failure to comply with the security measures and instructions provided for the activity, and that non-compliance with same shall entitle Lokal Adventure to forthwith end the course of the activity;
  9. I declare that I/ the Minor am/is capable of handling and operating the equipment provided by Lokal Adventure (the “Equipment”) and accept that the use of the Equipment shall be at my / the Minor’s own risks;
  10. I/ the Minor shall, at all-time, wear such helmet and/or other Equipment provided to me/ the Minor for the purpose of the activity;
  11. I accept that, for the duration of the activity, the Equipment shall be under my/ the Minor’s care and custody, until same is returned to Lokal Adventure. I accept to take full responsibility for any costs incurred following any damage caused by me/ the Minor to the Equipment as a direct result of it not being used in a proper manner or in non-conformity with the instructions provided by Lokal Adventure;
  12. I accept to hold harmless Lokal Adventure, its employees, agents and/or any medical personnel from any claims, requests of indemnities or lawsuits, whether done by myself, or by the Minor, or by my/his/her beneficiaries (“beneficiaries” shall include legal guardian, administrator, parents, heirs and succession), for any physical, moral or material damage that I/ the Minor may suffer during the course of the activity, save and except where same results from the “faute lourde” or negligence of Lokal Adventure, its employees and/or agents;
  13. I undertake, in my personal name and in my capacity as the Guardian of the Minor, to indemnify and hold harmless Lokal Adventure, its employees or agents from and against all claims and actions whatsoever which may at any time be suffered or incurred by, or asserted against, any one of them, as a result of, or in connection with, my/ the Minor’s acts and doings and my/ the Minor’s participation in the activity;
  14. I declare to have checked that my/ the Minor’s holiday insurance covers the activity;