Excursion contract

1. Lokal Adventure is a company registered with the Tourism Authority that provides sports activities throughout Mauritius.

2. Lokal Adventure is committed to operate within the framework of existing laws and to comply with safety regulations.

3. Lokal Adventure uses registered service providers who offer all the necessary guarantees and skills for the activity.

4. The participant declares that he/she has no medical contraindication or history that could endanger him/her during the activity.

5. Some activities require a medical certificate.

6. The participant acknowledges that he/she has been informed of the activity’s details.

7. Some activities take place on private property and access is strictly forbidden unless accompanied by our staff.

8. The participant agrees to respect the safety instructions and to follow the guides.

9. The participant agrees to respect the environment, not to litter, and to reduce as much as possible his environmental impact.

10. Lokal Adventure will process your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2017. We will retain your data for a period of 12 months following this excursion.


By signing this agreement, I hereby release Lokal Adventure and its subcontractors from all liability for any accident of any kind and waive any claim against it. 

I agree that neither I nor my heirs shall have any claim against Lokal Adventure or its partners. In the event that I am injured or cause injury, I agree to assume all financial obligations either through my insurance or any other means, for medical costs incurred.

I am fully aware that it is my responsibility to take out third party liability insurance to cover any type of damage to property or injury to a third party.

I acknowledge that I am aware of all the risks associated with the practice of these sports activities and I agree to follow the rules of conduct and safety that have been stated to me by the guide or supervisor. 

I have carefully read the present release and sign it with full knowledge of the facts.


I, solemnly declare to be the legal guardian or custodian of THE PARTICIPANT.  I have read the above Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk Statement and agree that the minor in my care named in this paragraph participates in the activity. 


We recommend that you bring your own personal and tailored equipment, depending on the activities you will be doing with us. 

For some activities only, the equipment can be provided on rent on request or according to the nature of the activity.  

In any case you must bring: 

  • A water bottle (eco friendly ☺) filled, of 1 or 2L that we will be happy to refill,
  • Shoes and clothes suitable for the chosen activities
  • Reef Friendly sunscreen and a cap
  • An eco friendly or natural mosquito repellent 

Check our checklist!